Land for One DollarIf you you’ve had high land use aspirations, but haven’t had the space to do it, the City of Portland could have a solution for you!

Portland is looking to lease a piece of land to one lucky winner for only one dollar. The piece of land is nestled in between Milwaukie and Portland and weighs in at about two-thirds an acre. With grape vines on the east and water coming in from the west, this parcel is fraught with opportunity, but comes with one stipulation.

“This particular site has to be kept an open space,” says Stephen Cohen with Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

The backstory of this parcel is that the City of Portland acquired the land from the county for Storm water management, which it no longer needs. They also can’t sell it or build on it making it a perfect contender for this little contest.

If you are interested in making a claim for this land, the city is asking people to submit proposals for how they would like to make use of it. The City will then lease the land to the winner for $1 provided they cover water usage and carry liability insurance.

The neighbors are all for the idea and are excited to see what creative uses make it to the top of the list.

Interested parties need hurry, however, as the deadline is July 15; only 4 days away. To learn more and apply click here.