damascus signCourt weighs in on Damascus Disincorporation
Likely the final nail in the coffin for Damascus, Or.

It seems as though citizens of East County are one step closer to finally putting the city of Damascus to bed. What should have been a final decision back in May (won by a majority vote of the people), has been drawn out a touch longer thanks to councilman Jim DeYoung.

DeYoung, the disincorporation’s most vocal and staunch opponent, refused to let the former City go quietly into the night citing that the state legislature had overstepped its authority. He immediately filed a lawsuit with the County which threatened to stall the disincorporation past its original 60-day timeframe.

His last effort may finally have been thwarted yesterday, however, when the Court of Appeals ruling stated that, “The voting standard was set by the Legislature, and the Legislature had the authority to set the voting standard they thought appropriate.”

Though it is likely this is the end of the line for DeYoung and his mission to keep the City of Damascus alive he did say that he hasn’t ruled out an appeal and has petitioned the League of Oregon Cities for help which has received his request but still needs time to review and respond to it.

While with each passing day it is looking more and more final, there are still a few scraps of what amount to a last ditch effort from DeYoung before the City of Damascus can finally rest in peace.

The official disincorporation day, barring any unforeseen events, is slated for July 17.