Damascus Decides to Disincorporate
The people of Damascus have spokenDamascus Sign Fading

 An end to the City of Damascus’ short but tenuous history was all but finalized Wednesday night as the people of the city voted, by almost a 2 to 1 margin, in favor of its disincorporation. This tumultuous road has gone back and forth for over ten years now, but may finally have drawn to a close.

What would have been ended by the people’s voice has been drawn out at least another day as it has been forestalled by a lawsuit; an affirmation of the lingering, undying, progress-less history that Damascus has always known.

This came to fruition when Councilor Jim De Young filed suit against the City on May 4th with Clackamas County citing that Measure 93 was unconstitutional and that a vote of this nature should be left in the hands of the elected officials instead of the people.

De Young, who was un-phased by the decision had this to say, “It had nothing to do with how many votes for and against, it’s the constitutionality,” he said. “It’s still my conviction that having a city is better than not having one.”

The decision for this injunction, being given by Clackamas County Judge Katherine Weber, is supposed to be delivered soon.  Her decision will potentially put an end to the City of Damascus and make it only the third city since Oregon’s statehood to disincorporate.

Regardless whether you were for or against the City’s disincorporation, we can all agree that it will be good to see an end to what amounted to a 12-year filibuster.


Check back soon! There will be an update to follow when Judge Weber’s decision has been given.