south-hillsboro-development-reeds-crossing-zoningAt the tail end of summer, developers broke ground on the first development in a 1,400-acre comprehensive plan in Hillsboro (dubbed the South Hillsboro Comprehensive Area). The plan area borders Tualatin-Valley Highway, SW 209th Avenue, and Rosedale Road. This Comprehensive Plan area is being started by what’s called the Reed’s Crossing Subdivision, encompassing the northern 70+ acres of the project site.

Reed’s Crossing is a big deal not just because it is a project over ten years in the making, but also because it is the beginning of what will become the largest subdivision ever to be built in the State of Oregon.

The proposed plan will bring 8,000 new homes to Hillsboro in all shapes and sizes; including duplexes, townhouses, apartments, affordable homes, and even million dollar mansions. The ambitious project will also bring 15 miles of trails, 286 acres of parks, community pools, and recreation centers. The development is being hailed as a welcome blessing in a time when Hillsboro feels the housing shortage just other Portland/Metro Jurisdictions.

In fact, in some cases, the housing shortage may be felt more. Mayor Jerry Willey, who has been for this development from the beginning, had this to say, “I think, just like the region, Hillsboro has a severe housing shortage so if we want people to live, work and play in the same place, we’ve got to be able to provide housing to do that,” said Willey. “We want to enable people, if they want to ride their bike to Intel, or Solar World or Genentech or Nike, they’ll be able to do that, so that’s going to be the benefit.”

The first new homes are scheduled to hit the market in 2018. It is an encouragement to see large projects like this come together. Not only because they take so much coordination and effort, but also because it’s a great proof of concept that large developments can still be progressive in an environment where developers face mounting pressure to provide much more than houses, streets, and sidewalks in their finished subdivisions. The project is so large however, that it will be built on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis and could take as long as 20 years to be completed.

Keep your eyes peeled for this up and coming area, the breaking of ground is a big deal, make no mistake, but there are still many pieces that need to fall into place before this area is finished. The year 2018 will be a big year for South Hillsboro; its first finished homes will not only set the tone for what we should expect for the future of South Hillsboro, but it’s also rumored that they have their sights set on the 2018 Street of Dreams.